What is Dekton Ultra Compact Surfacing?

Dekton is a sophisticated blend of the best characteristics of glass, porcelain, and quartz work surfaces.

This revolutionary ultra-modern invention was originally developed for use in high-performance exterior applications such as building facades, siding, and exterior paving and is simultaneously transforming kitchen, bathroom, and commercial design by offering solutions to several common problems. In short, Dekton is designed to be the toughest and most durable product on the market today.

Dekton is capable of surviving blowtorches, hot pans, sun and ultraviolet light, snow and ice, mildew, and mold, all while looking good and offering an ever-expanding selection of colors and textures. Dekton just might be the architects’ and designers’ dream solution.

Dekton for Countertops


Dekton is a durable product that is ideally suited to the rigors of daily use in your busy kitchen. Additionally, due to Dekton’s scratch-resistance, heat-resistance, and color stability when exposed to UV light, it is also uniquely suited to a wide variety of outdoor surfacing applications such as outdoor kitchens, grill islands, and patio tables. Regardless of where you install it, it is an ultra-sophisticated material for busy everyday life, capable of creating spaces that make the day-to-day preparation of food a pleasant experience that sets the stage for the pleasure of sharing a meal with friends or family.

Dekton for Flooring


Dekton Ultra-Compact Tile is a universal architectural flooring for both interior and exterior applications. Available in large-formats, custom-fabricated shapes and sizes, and prefabricated standard sizes, the revolutionary properties of Dekton allow architects and designers total freedom to design for any application and project.


Dekton for Exterior Siding and Cladding


A façade, as part of an overall building envelope, is not only a visual statement but also an important influencer in the protection of a wall’s structural components, the energy efficiency of the building and the health of its occupants. Dekton large-format panels can make a new building work more effectively for its owners, its occupants and the environment, as well as transform the appearance and performance of an existing structure.

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